Broadband Vantage (BbV) has developed expertise in four specific areas:
  • Rural and Community Broadband
  • Broadband for Rural Estates
  • Broadband for Science Parks and Business Centres
  • Data Centres
Much of this expertise can be evidenced by referring to the relevant case studies and the wide range of white papers available from the download area.
Our expertise is based on years of experience of delivering Broadband infrastructure across a range of environments from multi-tenanted properties to rural communities. This expertise covers a full range of skills covering strategic, technical and commercial domains.
Projects cover:
  • Strategy and business model development
  • Broadband infrastructure survey, design and project management
  • Procurement, commercial negotiation and contract management
  • Demand generation and marketing
  • Customer surveys
  • Fund raising and outsourcing

Case Studies
Broadband Vantage has been extending its experience in its core markets and there is a range of new case studies for the rural community.
Alscot Estate

Alscot is a large estate south of Stratford upon Avon,
close to the Cotswolds. Access to higher speed broadband
was becoming a signi­ficant issue in the commercial lettings
and was starting to become an issue affecting the lettability
of residential property.
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Crabtree Hall

Crabtree Hall is a business centre based on converted farm buildings right next to the A1 in North Yorkshire. Broadband service was originally provided by a high speed wireless link from BT and the Centre had won awards for the quality of the ICT fit out.
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Edinburgh Technopole

The Technopole was acquired relatively recently by the BEST network of Science Parks and needed to upgrade its service provider offering to improve the range and value of services to tenants. The site is relatively remote but had a high quality fibre infrastructure built at the time of its renovation some years ago.
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Nostell Estate

Nostell Estate is a cluster of commercial properties in converted buildings based around the old estate yard and new buildings in the old Walled Garden. The expectation was that BT would provide high speed broadband but the estate is too far from the exchange to get high speed service.
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Norwich Research Park

Norwich Research Park is an internationally renowned science and business community and Europe's leading centre for research in food, health and the environment.
Norwich Research Park is a unique partnership between UEA, the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and four independent world-class research institutes...
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St Clere Estate

St Clere is a medium sized estate in Kent at the junction of the M25, M20 and M26.

The estate gets appalling Broadband speeds with some tenants using mobile phone technology in an attempt to get a connection and others sending large files from home in the evenings.

One commercial space had been vacant for over 18 months and poor Broadband was cited as the main reason for the vacancy.
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Rural and Community Broadband
The people associated Broadband Vantage (BbV) have been undertaking Rural and Community Broadband projects since before the company started. Having developed the first local loop unbundling project and raised £150m in 1999, projects have included developing products for BT, running an ISP, developing the first sub loop project and many others ensuring communities get access to the best Broadband services possible more...>
Broadband for Rural Estates
Because of its expertise in multi-tenanted business properties such as business centres and science parks and with years of experience in delivering complex community Broadband projects, Broadband Vantage has developed a specific area of expertise in delivering Rural Broadband projects to estates through the creative upgrading of the Broadband infrastructure and cooperative outsourcing. more...>
Broadband for Science Parks & Business Centres
Having run a company that delivered Broadband infrastructure to Business Centres and Science Parks, the principal of Broadband Vantage is ideally placed to advise Business Centres and Science Parks on the criticality of including a state of the art Broadband infrastructure to deliver Next Generation Access and ICT services to tenants. more...>